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Coachella Valley

What most non-Californians refer to as Palm Springs and what most locals simply call "the Desert," is actually a former inland seabed properly known as the Coachella Valley. The Valley is home to several smaller cities and towns which tend to run end-on-end with La Quinta often referred to as the hidden gem.

The Coachella Valley lies just 100 miles to the south and east of Los Angeles. The Valley extends some 45 miles in length from the San Bernardino Mountains on its northern end to the Salton Sea (the remnant of what was once a much larger body of water) on its southern border. It is bounded on the West by the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains and on the east by the Little San Bernardino Mountains which provide breathtaking views.

Ideal Winter Retreat

Nestled between mountain ranges, which top out around 11,000 feet in elevation, the Coachella Valley is effectively sheltered from nearly all bad weather coming off the Pacific Ocean. As a result, The Madison Club gets approximately 350 days of sunshine per year with an average winter daytime temperature of 80 degrees, making it an ideal winter retreat.

Hollywood's Playground

The excellent weather combined with its proximity to Los Angeles have long made The Desert a vacation hot spot. Numerous A-Listers, such as Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Cary Grant and Bob Hope,  made the desert their home and the new generation of Hollywood  continue to be frequent visitors.